about merch.sj

The heart of San Jose
s street and urban custom culture
driven by a passion for authenticity and a mission to elevate the local scene. With unwavering commitment to excellence
we craft quality merchandise and experiences rooted in the vibrant South Bay Area.
Get ready for our upcoming vending campaign
where local service meets creativity and community celebration.

Custom Clothing

Elevate your style with our custom clothing services. From personalized t-shirts to hats & shorts, we bring your fashion vision to life.


Make a statement with our high-quality stickers. Whether it's for branding or personal expression, our stickers are perfect for any occasion.

Business Cards

Leave a lasting impression with professionally designed business cards. Our cards are a reflection of your business's professionalism and uniqueness.


Custom decals for all your needs. Personalize your belongings, vehicles, or promotional materials with our eye-catching decals.


Create intricate designs with our precision stencils. Perfect for artists, craftsmen, and industrial applications.

Glass Etching

Add elegance to glassware with our glass etching services. Perfect for gifts, events, and home decor.

Mock Ups

Visualize your projects with realistic mock-ups. Our mock-ups help you bring your ideas to life and make informed decisions.

Hydro Dipping

Transform objects with unique patterns using hydro-dipping. Elevate the aesthetics of your items with this creative technique.


Discover a range of accessories that complement your custom creations. From pins to patches and keychains, we've got you covered.